Promotional seed packets – custom printable as sustainable giveaways or promotional products for events

Beispiel von einem Samentütchen

Our hand-filled seed packets are the easiest way of bringing nature back into cities and towns. They are made of environmentally friendly glassine paper and delivered filled with seeds of your choice and with your unique printed information on a blank credit card size label (DIN A8).

Ideal as inexpensive election campaign giveaways or gifts that your customers will enjoy throughout the whole of spring and summer.

Content of seed packets:

Bee meadow mix (for sowing in spring/summer):

Alexandrian Clover, Phacelia, Blue Lupine, Sunflower, Field Pea, Serradella, Summer Vetch, Wild Mallow, Borage, Dill, Marigold

Long-lasting flowers thanks to flowering honey plants
Composition meets the requirements for honey fallow

Herb garden (on the windowsill until autumn):
Arugula, dill, chervil, coriander, cress or parsley. Others available on request.

Spices (year-round):
Green/red/multicoloured pepper, green/red pepper flakes, barbecue herbal spices, gingerbread/mulled wine spices. Others available on request.

Individual plant species:
Available on request. We can deliver virtually any species. We will also gladly advise you on which plants will flower in your corporate colours.


The packets are made from glassine paper (93 x 63 mm) produced from pure spruce cellulose. The service water is biologically treated before it is returned to the natural water cycle. The packets are 100% recyclable, fully compostable and can be disposed of with wastepaper. Your unique information (e.g. your logo) is printed on a label the size of a credit card. You can find the printing specifications here: Printing specifications_Seed packets.


50029 Cent155,15 Euro
1.00026 Cent278,20 Euro
2.50024 Cent668,75 Euro
5.00022 Cent1177,00 Euro

Satisfied customers

Wir haben schon viele Unternehmen und Organisationen mit unseren Produkten beliefert. Auch bei der Europawahl 2019 und vielen Kommunal- und Landtagswahlen waren unsere Produkte ein gefragtes give-away von vielen Politikerinnen und Politikern.

As “Mr. Doorstep Campaign” (according to the German magazine “stern”, summer 2019), I rely on giveaways during our voter visits that trigger a “wow” effect and remain long and positively in the memory. Because after the election campaign is before the election campaign.

In the 2020 Munich local election campaign, we relied on sustainable giveaways from Seedball Factory and were not disappointed. The seed bags, seed bombs and flower bulbs in our campaign design not only arrived super-fast, but also went like hot cakes at campaign stands and doorsteps!


Georg Nitsche , passionate political campaigner

On “Bees’ Day”, we distributed Seedball Factory seed bags to our customers free of charge. The campaign was very well received and will be repeated this year – so that the bees in Wentorf and the surrounding area will continue to find enough food in the future!

We thank the Seedball Factory for the successful and uncomplicated cooperation as well as the quick implementation of our idea.

Antje Stapelfeldt - Schulenburg Furniture Stores
Für unsere Öffentlichkeitsarbeit suchen wir immer wieder nach innovativen Ideen. In diesem Jahr haben wir uns für Samenkugeln der Seedball Factory entschieden und sie auf Stadtteilfesten verteilt. Sie kamen sehr gut an und unsere Bestellung wurde auch sehr kurzfristig realisiert.
Felix Wolf , Integrationsmanagement im Märkischen Viertel Berlin
“Sunflowers simply put you in a good mood. That is why I leased a piece of land for the 2017 federal election campaign and planted sunflowers there. Daniel Gollasch supplied the organic seeds.
The plants grew vigorously and were a real eye-catcher at the information stands. The best giveaway were the seed bags with my campaign poster, they went like hotcakes. Ordering from Daniel was straightforward, my requests were implemented greatly, and everything was delivered swiftly and without a hitch. Excellent service – strongly recommended!
Margarete Bause, MP, Green Party
„Thanks to SEEDBALL Factory for the quick processing and sending of the wild bee mix, which we ran out of in no time and made Saxony-Anhalt more bee-friendly in 2018!“
Rebecca Plassa, Executive Director, Heinrich Böll Foundation Saxony-Anhalt